KMN100L Sealing Machine
Name:KMN100L Sealing Machine

Product Description

In the machine operation, integrated PLC microcomputer control, with a strong parameter customization function, data analysis function.
Usually must be used in ten thousand grade purification workshop above, has a high degree of cleanliness. All stainless steel body, aluminum alloy mold, enclosed case.
Excellent structure and exterior materials are ensured.

Technical parameters:

-- sealing speed 10m/min; Paper automatic induction control;
-- power supply: 220V 50Hz, power: 500W;
-- sealing grain width 12mm; It has two sealing lines;
-- sealing strength meets the requirements of YY/T 0698.5-2009;
-- sealing margin 0~35mm adjustable;
-- size: 490×260×136 (mm); Weight: 15KG.

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