KMN102 PDU Two Print Medical Cutter Machine KMN102 PDU Two Print Medical Cutter Machine
Name:KMN102 PDU Two Print Medical Cutter Machine

Product Description

Printing system features:

– The sterilization date, expiration date, batch code can be adjusted, and the Chinese character setting and Chinese character printing function can be realized;
– The sterilization date and expiration date can be adjusted automatically according to the settings, without manual adjustment of the number of days per month; 
– After the computer is set up, it can be printed out of the computer and changed after the change;
– Built-in two printers with dual print head configuration, which can set printing items, adjust print contents, and realize double-line printing;
– Automatic fault alarm indication, which can automatically detect the working process and automatically alarm or prompt for various faults.
– Printable fonts are adjustable in width and width to facilitate printing more content onto a relatively narrow paper bag; 
– the print function can be turned off or an entry can be closed as needed; 
– the print function can be turned off or an entry can be closed as needed;
– The printed content is intelligently matched with the width of the paper bag, ie the system will give the paper bag width requirement according to the selected print content, assist the operator to determine the print content or select the appropriate paper bag; report the reminder when the paper bag width is insufficient;

Optional accessories:
– Stainless steel special multi-function workbench with paper cutter 
– Roller transfer table
– Single (double) layer paper cutter
- label printer
– magnifying glass
– Sealing test paper
– Sealing strength tester

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