Disposable Medical Mask
Name:Disposable Medical Mask
Color::White, blue, green, pink
Size:17.59.5cm, 14.59cm, 12.58cm

Product Description

KMNPack Disposable face masks are masks worn by medical staff when they work. It is mainly used in medical outpatient service, laboratory, operating room and other high-demand medical environment, with relatively high safety coefficient and strong resista

Disposable medical face masks are usually made of masks, shaping parts, straps and other components. They are usually made of nonwovens and are filtered to provide isolation. It is used to wear in the mouth and nose of medical personnel in the operating room to prevent dander and respiratory tract microorganisms from spreading to open surgical wounds, and to prevent the transmission of surgical patients' body fluids to medical personnel, so as to play a two-way biological protection role


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