Tyvek Sterilization Roll&Pouch Tyvek Sterilization Roll&Pouch Tyvek Sterilization Roll&Pouch
Name:Tyvek Sterilization Roll&Pouch

Product Description

1:thin thickness, light weight, not easy to deform, soft and smooth, light and tough, excellent opacity, combined with the characteristics of paper, cloth and film; anti-moisture, water-resistant, without Adhesive.

2:waterproof and breathable bacteria, -73 degrees can still maintain flexibility and high strength; 118 degrees began to shrink; 135 degrees began to melt. Fold-resistant (allows more than 20,000 times of repeated folding), the flexibility of the collection cloth (weight is a fraction of the cloth), the smoothness of the film, the appearance of the paper (half the weight of the paper) in one.

3:good biocompatibility, peeling, no dust, added value, tearing packaging strength, bursting packaging, sealing force, sterilization period (more than 5 years), gas permeability (reducing the generation of extreme temperature condensate), safer Protection. Therefore, it is currently the best in dialysis materials. Suitable for Class II and Class III.




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