Q: the difference between a KN95 mask and an N95 mask

The KN95 and N95 masks are of the same level of protection, but are tested according to different national standards. KN95 masks comply with Chinese standards, while N95 masks comply with American standards, and their protection efficiency for non-oily particulate matter (sodium chloride for experimental purposes) is no less than 95%


Q: what is the difference between medical protective clothing and isolation clothing?

A: from the product classification

Protective clothing belongs to the second category in the classification of medical device products. The products need to be registered in the provincial food and drug administration.

The isolation clothing only belongs to one category, and the product only needs to be registered in the municipal food and drug administration

B: look from the material

Protective clothing and isolation clothing materials are generally based on composite non-woven cloth, breathable film

Sometimes the isolation clothing is made of other materials, such as PP+PE, etc

C; From the workmanship point of view

In the process, the protective clothing should be more delicate than the isolation clothing, and the zipper should be generally affixed with a layer of blue tape

D: from the protection point of view

In terms of protection level, protective clothing should be higher than isolation clothing, and it should be used in important infection wards, CDC and other places


Q: what are the standards for medical sterilization pouches

The medical sterilization pouches produced by kangmingna packaging co., LTD conforms to the international standard iso11607-1 and the national standard GB/T 19633


Q: medical sterilization pouches knowledge

Standard size of sterilization pouches:

General requirements of the manufacturer: ISO13485 certification, CFR820, FDA certification, purification plant 100,000, 5,000 square meters, registered capital of 5 million yuan

Relevant standards:

ISO14644, ISO10993, ISO14971, ISO11135 / GB18279 ethylene oxide sterilization, ISO11137 irradiation sterilization, ISO11134 / GB18278 / ISO17665(new) hot and humid sterilization

Product category:

Plastic; Dialysis paper; Plastic bags; Aluminum foil bag

Appropriate disinfection methods:

Ethylene oxide disinfection and sterilization, steam high temperature and high pressure steam heat and humidity disinfection and sterilization, gamma cobalt 60 irradiation disinfection and sterilization, plasma sterilization (non-paper).


Q: Kang Mingna packaging sterilization pouches can be recycled?

High quality self seal sterilization pouches is medical grade kraft paper (recyclable), film (also recyclable). But it is not recommended to recycle paper, because the ink inside the paper is based on solvent based steam ink, may not be suitable for recycling. So packaging and film can be recycled, and paper is a hazardous material that should be disposed of in a chemical bin.


Q: what is indicated by the arrow in the self sealing sterilization pouches?

The indicator arrows of the self-sealing sterilization pouches will only change color if the sterilization conditions are reached within the sterilization cycle.


Q: why is the medical pouch blue?

The blue color can help identify any puncture or tear, darken it to show seal strength and make it visible.


Q: how is the sterilization pouch self-sealed?

Comina's self-sealing sterilizatiion pouch has a self-sealer strip at one end of the bag, eliminating the need for tape or a hot sealer.