In Order To Resist The New Coronavirus, Cummins Introduces Fully Automatic Disposable Mask Machines To Ensure The Global Supply of Disposable Masks

At present, the number of overseas cases continues to rise in South Korea, Italy, Japan, Iran, France, Germany and the United States.Demand for protective disposable masks is soaring, judging by global restrictions and soaring prices.Countries, including China, are expanding production capacity of disposable masks, resulting in a shortage of raw materials and equipment upstream of disposable masks. Prices of related products have soared, but orders are still hot.


Since the outbreak Kang Mingna actively respond to a nation called on, yong bear the social responsibility, quickly return to work and production, such as disposable masks the epidemic prevention and control under the condition of shortage of supplies, rapid organization technology and production strength, and epidemic RACES, with only two days to complete purchase, in the face of the disposable face mask machine "" one difficult, active communication with suppliers, the original supply 30 days, with only 16 days, customized high-end auto disposable masks production equipment in advance to the factory.

Disposable mask machine adopts ultrasonic welding, automatic collection of finished products, high output, low failure rate, can achieve automatic feeding, automatic folding, automatic film, the average daily production capacity can reach 50,000, more stable performance, the rate of finished products as high as 99.5%.It can meet the demand of long time running and ensure the order to be issued quickly.


TINA, sales consultant, after receiving the order of disposable masks from Italy on March 20th, she worked overtime to arrange the goods and kept the machines for 24 hours. Finally, the goods were delivered two days earlier than the agreed delivery date.In this urgent moment, to help customers through difficulties.


Standing in the present and looking at the future, this is behind the "pandemic" response, which is inseparable from the flexible production capacity forged by enterprises for years to fight against uncertainty and the strong support of the stable core supply chain system, but also cummins, focusing on the people's thoughts, to solve the country's urgent need for a strong proof.

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