KMNPack Successfully Landed The Second Batch Of “specialized Special New Board” Stock Trading Center In Anhui Province


On the morning of August 30, Anhui Province's second batch of “Specialized Special New Board" enterprises was held in Hefei. The 198 “specialized Special and New” enterprises in Anhui province, including Anqing Kangmingna Packaging Co., Ltd.,successfully landed in the “Specialized Special New Board” jointly established by our committee and the provincial equity custody trading center. Wang Chunming, deputy secretary general of the provincial government, attended the ceremony. The director of Niu Niu, deputy director of Wu Weiren, deputy director of the provincial government financial office Dai Liqiang, chairman of Guoyuan Securities Cai Wei, and chairman of the provincial stock exchange center Chen Yimin delivered speeches respectively.


 In order to support a group of “specialized Special and New” SMEs with rapid development, strong innovation ability, high quality of operation and good economic returns, the SMEs in the region have become bigger and stronger, and the Equity Custody Trading Center of Anhui Province "The successful opening of the board in August last year, the first batch of 169 listed companies. The second batch of "specialized special new board" enterprise listing work was launched in May this year. Under the joint promotion of all parties, it has completed a series of work including recommendation institution selection, listed enterprise application counseling and material review, from 16 cities. 198 enterprises with listing conditions were selected and listed in the provincial stock exchange center. According to the "Notice of the People's Government of Anhui Province on Printing and Issuing Certain Policies to Support the Construction of a Strong Province" (Zheng Zheng [2017] No. 53), our committee will give 200,000 households to enterprises listed in the province's "specialized special new board". Yuan’s financial fund award.


Anqing Kangmingna Packaging Co., Ltd., a key enterprise with sterilized packaging as its main export product, has successfully landed the “Specialized Special New Board” under the joint efforts of all leaders and all employees. The stock code is 880390. An important step for the future to become bigger and stronger.

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