Kmnpack Won The 2017 Annual Anhui Province “specializes In Special New“ Sme Honor

Anhui Provincial Economic and Information Development Commission organized and approved the "Specialized and New" SMEs Recognition Work in 2017 in the province. After the enterprises declared, cities and straight-line counties reviewed and approved, first instance, expert review and deliberation of the director's office meeting and social publicity And other procedures, finds that 500 enterprises such as Anqing Kangmingna Packaging Co., Ltd. are the special "SMEs" in 2017 in Anhui Province.

 We will provide guidance and assistance to SMEs with specialization and specialization, integrate resources and key support, and support enterprises to be better and stronger. We will also include the "Specialized and New" SMEs in 2017 into the "Enterprise Cloud" service platform (

 Kangmingna  will adhere to the principle of "quality first, efficiency first, continuously enhance the innovation and competitiveness of enterprises, give full play to the role of benchmarking and demonstration, and create new impetus for building a strong province and promoting high-quality development.

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