KMNPack Attended the First Meeting of Caring Companies Commonweal Organization Association of Anhui Province


January 10, the first Caring Companies Commonweal Organization Association Meeting of Anhui Province was held in Anqing City.
Chairman of Anqing Public Welfare Foundation Wang Guobao, Vice Director of City Channel of Heifei TV Station Ma Xiaotao, calligrapher and painter and Member of Anhui Calligraphers’ Association Jiang Dihua successively made speeches at the meeting. Afterwards, a charity auction was held, and the philanthropists donated quilts and necessities for the disabled children and impoverished students, and a desk and chair donation ceremony was also held for the Baisha Village School. The caring companies also donated money for the impoverished students. The organizer presented certificates of honor to the caring team, companies and painters that participated in the activity.
General Manager of KMNPack Long Qicheng also attended the meeting. He gained a cross-stitch painting named “Family” which was made by a disabled girl from an impoverished family. Mr. Long then gave the painter to the girl as a gift. He wished that the girl would be happy every day.

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