When Sterilizing, Can Autoclave Paper Bag be Wrapped in Autoclave Paper Bag?

The national standard GB/T 19633 for medical packaging is "the packaging of the final sterilized medical devices". The word "final" refers to the packaging materials mentioned here (including  autoclave paper bag) that are used for the direct packaging of medical devices, not for the outer packaging. Therefore, most countries and regions use single-layer putoclave paper for packaging. Of course, some hospitals in some countries use two-sterilization paper bags for special occasions. It should be pointed out that the use of two-sterilization paper bag packaging is not because the autoclave paper bag bacteria resistance performance is not up to the requirements, but to facilitate the operation of asepsis to remove. When entering the sterile compartment, remove the outer autoclave paper bag (which ACTS as the outer packaging), and the outer surface of the inner autoclave paper bag is also sterile.
Here are three Suggestions if you plan to use double-ply autoclave paper bag in your own disinfection supply center:
First, the inner autoclave paper bag should be smaller than the outer one to avoid any folding. Since the sterilization process is accompanied by the expansion and compression of the autoclave paper  bag, if the two autoclave paper bags are the same size, the inner autoclave paper bag is likely to burst the outer autoclave paper bag.
Second, two layers of autoclave paper bag should ensure that the paper facing the paper, film facing film surface. This is because the paper surface allows steam to pass through, while the film surface is impervious to water vapor. Keep the paper facing the paper so that the air is completely expelled and the water vapor is fully penetrated.
Third, double packaging is recommended for biological monitoring. Ws310.3-2009 mentioned that "biological monitoring should be carried out when using new packaging materials and methods for sterilization".
In addition to the above points, there are three points to pay attention to the use of autoclave paper bag:
First, it is not recommended to pack heavy metal equipment or equipment with complex surface shapes. The former will cause more condensed water to cause wet bags, the latter easily cause autoclave paper in the process of expansion and compression damage.
Second, it is recommended to protect the sharp instrument tip to avoid puncturing the autoclave paper bag, resulting in the loss of sterile barrier, damage to the tip during transportation, and even sharp instrument injury to the operator.
Third, the American national code AAMI ST79 does not recommend the use of autoclave paper bags in cotton bags or hard container boxes, because the manufacturer has not done the verification, which brings unknown risks to the sterilization process.

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