Medical Crepe Paper & Manufacturing Principle

Medical Crepe Paper & Manufacturing Principle

Medical crepe wrapping paper mainly USES bleached needle pulp, bleached hardwood pulp and HPZ special fiber according to a certain ratio through the hydraulic pulper crushing, disc grinding pulp, adding wet strength agent, sizing agent, softener, anti-water agent and other accessories, in the long or oblique network multi-cylinder paper machine mesh forming, press dehydration, wet paper drying degree of 30 ~ 45% in a cylinder for wet wrinkling, the Angle of the cutting line between the crepe scraper and the cylinder surface is 30 ~ 45? , the blade Angle of the scraper on the face of the sticking cylinder is 35 ~ 90? , the speed ratio between the wrinkling dryer and the heating drying group cylinder is 1.1 ~ 1.15 1, then the wrinkling wet paper is transferred to the drying group cylinder for drying, which is rolled by the paper rolling machine, and then cut into medical crepe wrapping paper products. Due to wet wrinkling under the condition of paper dryness of 30 ~ 45%, the hydrogen bonding force between fibers and the chemical bonding force of thermosetting resin such as wet strength agent have not yet been formed, and due to the low strength of wet paper, the crepes formed after the impact of the wrinkling scraper are uniform, no paper scraps, paper powder and other adverse phenomena.

(Crepe Paper & Characteristics)
Medical crepe paper made of pure wood pulp constitute a special porous, can use the high pressure steam and ethylene oxide medium such as bending to infiltrate into bags, penetration rate of 100%, have proved crepe paper has excellent resistance effect.
It has strong penetrability to ensure the effectiveness of sterilization in hospitals and factories.
It has a very high barrier effect against bacteria, so that CSSD and medical device factory can store for a long time to ensure the aseptic state of the operating room. Meet the requirements of the quality of crepe paper in 60 g/m2, for example (GB/T 19633-2005 the final sterilization medical device packaging, aseptic goods generally appropriate storage period is 6 months.
Paper soft, in order to carry out harmless treatment, environmental protection effect is good.
Note: it is used for sterilization of pressure steam and ethylene oxide. Due to weak tear resistance and thin, it is suitable for sterilization of light and non-sharp instruments.

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