Medical Instant Hemostatic Gauze

Medical instant hemostatic gauze is a series of improved medical gauze pieces with good water solubility, salt solubility and drug loading. It can be used during the operation to prevent various bleeding phenomena. It can be used on the wound surface to protect the wound, prevent adhesion, dissolve quickly, and finally be completely absorbed by the body. The acid-alkaline gauze of medical instant hemostatic gauze is neutral, which can avoid nerve damage during the operation.

Medically available hemostatic gauze can be used in almost every department because its chemical properties are also very stable, so the damage to the tissue is very small. It can prevent the adhesion of wounds and gauze and promote the healing of wounds during and after dressing. The growth of granulation. Medically available hemostatic gauze is especially suitable for diffuse oozing and venular bleeding in surgical wounds. It is very effective for people with coagulation disorders because the product can decompose itself into very sticky when applied to the wound.

The synergistic gel-like substance can cover the surface of the wound, hinder capillary bleeding, and at the same time achieve the effect of shortening the clotting time by concentrating blood and muscle vital blood coagulation factors.

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