Sterilizer Bags

Sterilizer bags have become the most breathable sterile barrier system and are widely used in articles that require full penetration of steam to sterilize, such as gauze, cotton, wood products, fiber products, etc., and these items are destroyed by using paper-sterilization bags. Bacteria, due to poor gas permeability, easy to dry is not thorough, wet pack or burst bag. At the same time, the whole paper bag is an environmentally friendly product and does not need to pass the EU's environmental directive requirements. The specific requirements can be found in YY0698-3 2009.

It should be specially pointed out that the wholesale wrapping paper bag for hospitals is different from the paper bag for food. The whole paper bag for hospitals is bonded with structural adhesive, which has the performance of resisting water and high temperature, and the back seal is lapped. It is guaranteed that in the steam sterilization, the paper and paper seals are perpendicular to the direction of the force to avoid opening the bag due to vacuum and positive pressure, and the food paper bag does not have such characteristics. However, the paper bag is not visible and is suitable for the sterilization of a large number of items of the same variety, the most important being cotton. It is preferable to use a visible paper-sterilization bag for a combination item or a temporary item.

Paper-sterilization pouch roll: The sterilization pouch roll  is divided into a flat roll bag and a three-dimensional roll bag. The flat roll bag is recommended for articles with a thickness of not more than 5 cm, and the three-dimensional roll bag is used for items with a large thickness. The bag storage is convenient, the specifications are complete, and it is not limited by the length, but it needs to be sealed at both ends. It is the most troublesome to operate in the paper-sterilization bag.

2 Paper-sterilization bag: sterilization paper bag only needs to be sealed once, it is convenient to operate, and the storage is good. However, due to the length and limitation, many specifications need to be stored. It is recommended that the hospital can use single bag for long-term large-scale sterilization items. Hospital single bags may be more suitable than roll bags.

3 Paper-sterilization self seal pouches:  sterilization paper pouches is a sterile barrier system sealed by pressure-sensitive adhesive. It does not need to be equipped with a sealing machine. It is easy to operate, but has fewer specifications and higher price. It is suitable for clinics and small hospitals with small usage. .

4) Crepe paper- sterilizer bags: We mentioned in the previous section that wrinkled paper has the same tensile deformability as textile materials, so the bag made of it has good flexibility and is more suitable for steam sterilization, but the cost is high. Poor peelability limits its use.

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