The Introduction of Sterilization Pouches

In the medical and health field, sterilization pouches mainly has the following four requirements:

1. The packaging materials must allow the sterilant to penetrate effectively and match the sterilization method.
2. The packaging material must ensure the sterility of the contents until the package is opened.
3. The packaging material should facilitate the aseptic operation when the user opens the sterile bag, and should not pollute the articles.
4. The contents in the sterile bag should Sterile when used.

The FDA lists aseptic packaging materials as Class II (potentially risky) medical devices. The use of contaminated instruments during surgery can be fatal. Therefore, the personnel of the disinfection supply center should select suitable packaging materials. Anqing Kangminna Packaging Co., Ltd. obtained US FDA certification in 2017 and provided the high-quality medical sterilization packaging products including self-seal sterilization pouchesheat-sealing sterilization pouches、Wrapping material crepe paper、non-woven fabrics etc.

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