The Advantages of Tyvek for Medical

Tyvek was discovered by Jim White, a researcher at dupont, by accident.In 1955, Jim White discovered in his laboratory that a White polyethylene fluff was coming out of the tube.After inspection, it was found that this material has some very interesting properties, so I made a plan to develop a new material. One year later, I submitted a patent application for high-strength yarn polyethylene material, and after several years of development and improvement, I tried the new results on book covers, labels and specific clothing materials.The brand was registered in 1965 and was not mass-produced until 1967, when it was introduced into the medical packaging industry in 1972.
The process composition of tevtron:
Material ------ is HDPE fiber;
Process -- flash - spinning - laying - bonding into a sheet
Some features:
Waterproof, breathable and resistant to bacteria, can still maintain flexibility and high strength at -73 degrees;Contraction begins at 118 degrees;It starts melting at 135 degrees.Folding resistance (allows more than 20,000 folds), combined with the flexibility of the cloth (a fraction of the weight of the cloth), the smoothness of the film, the appearance of the paper (half the weight of the paper) in one.
USES: medical packaging, wrist band, colorful paper, envelope, kite, car solar shield, outdoor display board, map, clothing tags, labels, building waterproof materials.
What's the difference between medical and industrial?
Medical packaging without corona treatment and anti-static treatment (because these processing may affect the bacteria resistance of tevezol)
A simple way to distinguish: shan some cigarette ash on the tyvek, medical tyvek electrostatic attraction, can be used for industrial tyvek or recycled material tyvek and fake tyvek will easy to bounce off ash.
compared medical tyvek YinShuaDian hard, drop a drop of water will be relatively group.Industrial tweettron would have a more diffuse point.
tyvek or industrial waste recycling processing of tyvek the price will be cheaper to medical tyvek half or more.To the medical equipment packaging factory there medical teveqiang packaging may be because each purification workshop, quality requirements control is not the same, about 3% of the difference.
Medical trivek classification:
In terms of grams, the order is -- --
Tyvek Tyvek1073B -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- about 74.6 g / ㎡, thickness (individual) : 178 um. (the thickest, suitable for stereo, heavier products) Tyvek Tyvek - Asuron -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- about 67.5 g / ㎡, thickness (individual) : 180 um. (better evenness and printing).Tyvek Tyvek1059B -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- about 64.4 g / ㎡, thickness (individual) : 157 um. (small or rounded product) Tyvek Tyvek - 2 fs (4058 b) - about 59.5 g / ㎡, thickness (individual) : 155 um. (compared to lower price)
(Intel strength is made of continuous uneven material. In practice, there will be uneven deviation in measuring or feeling different locations)
Form on medical packaging:
Bag-making surface material: heat seal around the PET/PE tearable composite film to form three-sided bag or roll bag (generally without glue)
Blister cap material: it forms a barrier system with thermal sealing of the blister cap shell like PETG (generally coated with glue).
Packaging range of medical trevek:
High-end sterile medical devices requiring sterilization, such as:
(artificial joint, tissue repair, interventional balloon catheter, artificial blood vessels, stapling, needle, central venous catheter, disposable high-frequency dual coagulation forceps, absorbable biomaterials, tract stent delivery system, pacemaker, artificial ear, high-grade sterile dressings, medical tissue sampling clamp, ventricle drainage tube, high pressure anesthesia syringe, neuromuscular sensors, breast implants, blood filters, disposable sterile infusion pump and other kinds of anesthesia, sterile medical brain outside brain, bone, heart
Therapy instrument)
Advantages of medical Tyvek Tyvek:
Tyvek, commonly known as "tear not bad", is a high-density polyethylene fiber material used by dupont company. It is characterized by thin thickness, light weight, soft and smooth, opaque, water-resistant, and low surface friction. It combines the characteristics of paper, cloth and film.Therefore, it is recognized as the best medical packaging material when used in medical packaging.Good biological compatibility, no dust stripping, high added value, high tear packaging strength, high tear resistance packaging, high sealing force, high bacteria resistance (more than 5 years), high permeability (reduce the production of extreme temperature condensate), more safety protection.Suitable for packaging of class II and III medical devices.(currently the best medical package for dialysis materials)
Tyvek proper sterilization method for medical Tyvek:
Ethylene oxide (ETO), gamma ray & electron beam, hydrogen peroxide plasma vapor (melted at 135 degrees).Under controlled conditions, 121 degrees with high temperature resistant materials)
Comparison of some features of TYVEK series:
Characteristic parameters of the experimental method of unit 1073 b Asuron 1059 b 2 basic weight ASTM D3776 fs 74.6 67.5 64.4 59.5 g / ㎡ algor lai method TAPPI T460 22 26 SEC / 100 cc 20 to 22
Air permeability this special product has a specific air permeability ASTM F1608 LRV 5.2 4.7 4.7 3.2 thickness (individual) EN 20543 um 178 180 157 155 Mullen rupture resistance ASTM D774 KPA 1213 1030 1055 900
ISO2758spencer puncture sex ASTM D3420 J / 8756, 7180, 6830, 4903 ㎡ layered peel strength ASTM D2724 N / 2.54 2.3 2.4 2.2 2.7 CM
Moisture transmittance TAPPI T523 g / ㎡ / 24 hr hydrostatic AATC TM 1615 > 1500 > 1640 1500 127 147 150 145 150 cm H2O EN 20881
Tensile strength MD ASTM D5035 N/2.54CM 196 178 169 156 EN ISO 1924-2
Tensile strength CD ASTM D5035 N/2.54CM 200 185 169 160 EN ISO 1924-2 Elmendorf ASTM D1424
Tear strength MD EN 21974 N 3.3 3.7 2.8 2.7
Elmendorf ASTM D1424 N 3.5 4.3 3.0 3.5
Tear strength CD EN 21974 TAPPI t425% % 91 96 89 94 ISO 2471
Elongation MD ASTM D 5035%20 18 19 18 EN ISO 1924-2
Elongation CD ASTM D 5035%24 21 23 21 EN ISO 1924-2

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