Use of Non Woven Fabrics

Non-woven fabrics is a kind of green product, tough and durable, beautiful shape, good air permeability, wide range of use and can be reused, can be washed. Today for the non-woven fabrics mainly in the areas of application and use

一:Non-woven fabric products, such as sleeping bags, rainproof cloth and tents, are colorful, bright and beautiful, fashionable and environmentally friendly, with a wide range of designs and styles. They are light in weight, environmentally friendly and recyclable. They are internationally recognized as environmental protection products that protect the ecology of the earth. Applicable to agricultural film, shoes, leather, mattresses, mother and child quilt, decoration, chemical industry, printing, automobile, building materials, furniture and other industries, and clothing lining cloth, medical and health disposable operating clothes, masks, hats, sheets, hotel disposable tablecloth, beauty, sauna and even today's fashion gift bags, boutique bags, shopping bags, advertising bags and so on. It is environment-friendly and has wide application and good economy. Because it looks like pearl, also known as the pearl of the canvas. Non-woven fabric is made of chemical fibers and plant fibers under the condition of water or air as suspension medium in wet or dry paper copying machine. Although it is made of cloth without textile, it is called non-woven fabric. Its non-woven fabric is a new generation of environment-friendly material, and has that advantage of good strength, waterproof, environment-friendly, flexible, no poison and odour, and low price. It is a new generation of environmental protection materials, with water repellent, breathable, flexible, non-combustion, non-toxic and non-irritating, rich in color and other characteristics. If the material is placed in the outdoor natural decomposition, the longest life expectancy is only 90 days, in the interior decomposition in eight years, burning non-toxic and harmless, thus does not pollute the environment and environmental protection

二:Non-woven fabrics: field of application (1) medical, sanitary nonwoven fabrics: surgical gowns, protective clothing, sterile coated cloths, masks, diapers, civilian wipes, wipe cloths, wet towels, magic towels, rolls of flexible towels, cosmetic articles, sanitary napkins, sanitary napkins, and disposable hygiene cloths, and the like. (2) the family decorates with non-woven fabric, stick a wall cloth, table cloth, bed sheet, bedspread, etc. (3) the clothes are made of spineless: lining, bonding, flocculation, flocculation, the cotton, all kinds of synthetic leather. (4) industrial non-woven fabric; Roof waterproofing materials and asphalt tile base material, reinforced material, polishing materials, filtration materials, insulation materials, cement bags, nonwoven fabric and coated fabric, etc. (5) non-woven fabrics for agriculture: crop protection fabrics, seedling cultivation fabrics, irrigation fabrics, and thermal curtain curtains, etc. (6) other non-woven fabrics: space cotton, insulation materials, linoleum, smoke filter, tea bags, shoes, etc. Medical health: surgical suits, caps, covers, plaster cotton, feminine sanitary napkins, baby diapers, wet towels, sanitary briefs, dust covers. Agriculture: the harvest, the barn. Industry: floppy disk, horn cloth, filter material, sound box insulation felt, seal ring liner, cable cloth, glass reinforced glass reinforced towel, industrial wipe, shockproof lining, insulating material, tape base line, pipe base line, ventilation duct, sand leather cloth. Packing: packed in composite cement bag, bag lining cloth, lining, quilt wadding, storage bags, mobile jacquard bag cloth. Garments and shoes: clothing, flocs, headliners, heel liners, underwear, artificial velvet, synthetic leather, thermal shoe lining, and shoe lining. Automotive industry: waste spun insulation blanket, shock-proof felt, canopy, seat cushion liner, carpet, door liner, automobile filter element, shaped seat cushion. Household clothes, sofa cloth, carpet, wall cloth, wipe glass cloth, tea bag, vacuum filter bag, shopping bag, printed sheet, dinner party cover, cushion, sleeping bags, dry cleaning wipe cloth, microfiber cloth, curtain, tablecloth, chimney, royal rattan mat coated on the back. Civil engineering, construction: reinforcing, reinforcing bar, filtering, felt base cloth, drainage board, roofing waterproof material, railway, highway, embankment, water slope, port sound, sewage, heat protection, separation and drainage.

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