How To Use Medical Paper Plastic Packaging Sterilization Bag for Sterilization Test

Materials: anqing kangmingna packaging co., LTD. Produces high autoclave steam (ethylene oxide) dual-purpose paper plastic packaging sterilization bag, medical sealing machine, medical equipment, self-contained biological indicator, vacuum pressure steam sterilizer and so on.

Methods: will not commonly used special equipment, medical apparatus and instruments, department of commonly used first aid kit, according to the size of the equipment and package, choose different width of paper-plastic bag into the chemistry instruction, and bags placed self-contained biological indicator, with sealing machine after sealing, write the date and sterilization on plastic surface near the sealing end date, will seal good paper-plastic bag in the sterilization box, with vacuum pressure steam sterilizer sterilization.

Effect test: after sterilization, biological culture was conducted, and the sterilization effect was observed for 48 hours.Other parcels shall be stored in sterile articles storage rack in sterile room of sterile supply room.During the 6 months of the test, the aseptic room was routinely sterilized by circulating ultraviolet air, and the aseptic articles storage shelf was routinely wiped with clean water.

Results: after sterilization, all the instruments in the sterilization bag of medical paper and plastic packaging were tested by bacterial culture, and the results were negative.

Inspection of storage period:

The sterilization bags for medical paper and plastic packaging were randomly selected for bacterial culture every 1 month within 1-6 months. After the end of the experiment, no bacterial growth was found in the sterilization bags for medical paper and plastic packaging within 6 months.

Cummins medical paper plastic packaging sterilization bag has many advantages, mainly manifested in the sterilization effect is accurate, preservation time is long.The transparent film of paper-plastic packaging material is composed of multi-layer composite film with good antibacterial performance, good penetration, drainage and sterilization.The storage time of sterile articles is closely related to the packaging material, drying degree and packaging condition of the sterilized articles. The paper and plastic packaging has good tightness, good drying degree and long operation time after sterilization.All the necessary instruments and articles for emergency treatment and treatment in clinical departments are packed with paper and plastic packaging materials, which not only have a long storage time, but also can be supplied for clinical use at any time to reduce wastage, effectively preserve sterile articles and save human and material resources.The paper plastic packaging bag is printed with pressure steam and ethylene oxide two chemical discoloration indicator points, from the appearance of different colors of the diagram can clearly distinguish whether this article has been sterilized, can directly see whether the chemical indicator card inside the package has become a specified degree, what equipment items inside the package, in order to reduce the chance of wrong access to items.

Use paper plastic bag attention: such as packaging scissors and other sharp instruments, it is appropriate to use small gauze package, so as not to break.When packing, the goods should be 3 ~ 5cm away from the seal.Sealing machine commissioning in 180 ℃ temperature, encapsulation of the width in 2 cm.Before sterilization, apply stainless steel basket to dress up, and side stand put, lest moisture stays in plastic face, avoid plastic face and plastic face direct contact.When putting on the shelf, hold the paper layer flat by hand and check the discoloration of the plastic bag. If there is any damage, it is forbidden to use.It is forbidden to put the bag upside down.Medical paper plastic packaging sterilization bag sterilization items not only meet the quality standards of sterilization, but also good resistance to bacteria, long storage time, and can reduce the cost and the loss of sterile items, worthy of promotion and wide application.

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