Is There Difference Between Adhesive Tape and Glued Paper?

Water-adhesive paper structure: based on kraft paper, coated with water-soluble adhesive. Features: Appropriate amount of water, the rubber surface can be sticky; early tack, strong wet adhesion, good permanent adhesion; The water-storing and solidification conditions are not affected by the hot and cold weather; the tensile strength is good, the tensile strength is large, and it is not easy to break; the good raw materials are selected, non-toxic and non-polluting; if the residual adhesive tape on the surface of the bonded object is removed, the sanding can be used. If the machine or abrasive cloth is sanded in an appropriate amount, the tape can be removed without leaving any traces.

Uses: Suitable for seams and joints of veneer and wood. It is mainly used for panel mosaic in industries such as furniture and wooden doors. It is also used in the plywood and curved wood industries, repairing medium plates and veneers. Color: white, natural color specification: 12mm*500 code 16mm*500 code, etc. It can also be customized by the buyer's width length (divided with punched tape and non-perforated tape)3. Medical coated dialysis paper coated paper is suitable for the automated production of medical device packaging with higher requirements on peel strength and stricter peeling effect.

 According to different glued papers, there are two types, one is polyurethane reactive type water gel, uniform coating, 1-3 grams of glue; the other uses solvent-free EVA hot melt adhesive, the production process is unique, That is, it can be dried, and the amount of glue can be from 2-3 grams to more than 10 grams according to requirements; frame coated paper can also be provided upon request. The above two types of coated paper generally use a heat sealing temperature of 105-140 degrees Celsius and a heat sealing pressure of zero.

 4 kPa or so, heat sealing time 0.5 seconds, heat sealing width 4-10mm, paper bag peeling tension can reach or exceed 2nu and clean without paper scraps. the above. Which one can meet your peel strength, pull, effect, and sterilization

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