What Is Medical Packaging Bag

Medical packaging bag: alias: sterilization packaging bag, disinfection packaging bag, medical packaging bag, medical paper plastic bag, medical sterilization bag and so on.

It is composed of one side paper and one side plastic compound film, which is used for the packaging of sterilized medical instruments, belonging to the initial inner packaging of the product. The relevant information of the manufacturer or product that needs to print medical instruments on the paper surface of its packaging bag is generally limited to 50% of the printing area according to EN868-5.

Introduction to composition and function: medical packaging bags with one side of medical dialysis paper and the other side of medical composite film can be respectively suitable for: EO ethylene oxide, high temperature STEAM, Cobalt CO60 GAMMA ray irradiation sterilization packaging, such as a hospital for medical instrument disinfection or sterilization with high temperature steam sterilization items, sterile medical equipment manufacturers such as syringes and catheters, probes, gauze piece, gown, artificial bone, artificial organs, pencil knife resistance bacteria medical sterile products such as packaging, and general steam sterilization temperature for a few minutes to half an hour in 121-121 degrees, ethylene oxide sterilization for a few hours, temperature of about 55 degree, irradiation at room temperature disinfection, about 2 minutes to complete, when high temperature sterilization is not suitable for using PET (polyester)/PE (polyethylene) colorless transparent medical Composite film, because PE itself does not withstand high temperature, glue does not resist high temperature,... Irradiation sterilization is not recommended PET (polyester)/CPP (polypropylene). Because ray irradiation on CPP has aging embrittlement effect, may precipitate harmful halide. General is to put the product in the clean workshop, such as the grade 100000 purification workshop, the disposable aseptic medical apparatus and instruments product into the bag, and then with hot sealing machine sealing up, into the carton, in the sterilization cabinet sterilization after OK, then generally on the basis of different materials, resistance bacteria shelf-life is generally divided into 1 year for 3 years, 5 years, have done aging validation, this guarantee in the transport, storage until the final before opening a hospital nurse, inside the bag of medical product is sterile Product, do not need sterilization again, can use directly.

Principle of action: the sterilization package and storage and transportation are achieved through the semi-permeable permeability of EO ethylene oxide or steam sterilization gas by using the antibacterial property of packaging materials. The package may not be opened before the package is kept sterile. 

Maintain product sterility. Packaging shall not have the chance of being contaminated by air, fiber breakage, dust and other foreign matters, and invasion of microorganisms (ASTMD-2019). Therefore, packaging needs to ensure that:

-- including no damage to the material; 

-- complete sealing, suitable peeling strength (ASTMF88) and no penetration (ASTM)

F1929:1998), no blasting (ASTMF-1150/ASTMF-2054), stripping cleaning

Net (EN868-5). 

Must adapt to the promised sterilization practices of ISO11134 / ISO11135 / ISO11137

A sealed packaging material for medical devices requiring sterilization. It has a microbiological barrier function, which can prevent microorganisms from entering and provide sterile protection, making the final packaging of the product sterile when used. 

According to the sealing form: heat pressure sealing (140-180 degrees) and cold sealing (no double-sided sealing and binding)

The form of the structure of single bag (3 sides, and a word to tear the mouth), roll bag or tube bag (width of a certain length, is the user own clipping, general width is 5 cm, 7.5 cm, 10 cm, 15 cm, 20 cm and 25 cm, 30 cm, 40 cm in length more than 100 m or 200 m) and sterilization color indicator, to facilitate observation after sterilization effect.

Notice: the damage shall not be used, and shall not be used twice.

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