Source of Sterile Packaging Materials

Although sterilized packaging bags bring great effects to medical products, in the domestic  pharmaceutical industry, many people are relatively unfamiliar with the topic of sterilized packaging bags.Taking the aspect of medical equipment as an example, most people are familiar with medical equipment and packaging, but they know little about sterilization packaging of medical equipment.However, this is exactly one of the areas that need to be improved in the domestic pharmaceutical industry.

Related experts explained from the perspective of subsidiary packaging: under general circumstances, the difference in the packaging of ordinary industrial products is not obvious, and the basic materials of packaging are cartons, plastic bags, paper boxes, pallets, containers, etc.However, the requirements of medical devices are different from those of ordinary industrial products. In terms of protection and traceability, medical devices have higher requirements, and there will be more stringent testing standards for circulation packaging.

In terms of packaging materials, sterilized packaging materials are actually relatively easy to come by, and their shape should be tubular or bag, so as to adapt to different medical equipment and instruments.And for the sterilization of these materials, the industry insider said that it usually use steam sterilization or gas sterilization.Since packaging is a barrier for bacteria and other microorganisms to enter the sterilized system, in order to prevent contamination of pharmaceutical products, it is important to keep the inside clean and to keep the instruments or equipment in a sterile state before opening the pharmaceutical packaging.

Certainly, medical equipment sterilization packaging bags are paper-plastic materials too.According to the introduction of relevant manufacturers, the transparent film of paper-plastic packaging materials is composed of multi-layer composite film, which not only has good resistance to bacteria, but also has good penetration and drainage, and is quite thorough in sterilization.It is reported that the storage time of sterile medical products is actually closely related to the sterilized packaging materials.And the packaging bag that use paper-plastics as sterilization packaging material is favored by the medical equipment enterprise.These bags seal is good, and can maintain a long dry degree, the operation time after sterilization is also longer.

  It is worth mentioning that if the sterilization packaging materials of medical equipment are made from paper-plastic , there is an advantage that it can distinguish whether the products are sterilized through the appearance of different colors.For operators,it can not only reduce the probability of error, but also  intuitively see whether the product meets the requirements.

  However, any product will have problems during the operation, as will sterilization packaging.If the package burst when sterilization occurs, the sealing of the package is  insufficient.If the package is damaged when opened, the tensile strength of the packaging material is low.Therefore, when suffering corresponding problems, the operators need to deal with them according to the actual situation.

  With the continuous expansion of the pharmaceutical product market, the prospect of sterilized packaging bags will be more extensive.For the future of sterilized packaging bags, industry insiders said that the domestic industry has not done enough to develop in this aspect, and the actual situation is also behind the foreign countries, but this cannot be the reason of backward.The industry insiders also reminds that the most expensive packaging cost is packaging invalid,enterprise should also take more attention.

 In addition, packaging materials should be in environmental protection.With more and more concern about medical waste management and more and more serious environmental problems, sterilization packaging enterprises should pay more attention to the usage of materials and produce green packaging.The so-called green packaging is made of energy-saving and environment-friendly materials that can be recycled without causing pollution.

  However, it will also bring restrictions, such as cost, management and customer problems, etc.,all of these which actually restrict the development of the enterprise.In order to identify and solve problems well and promote the rapid and green development of the industry, enterprises should take measures to find a balanced method to boost the progress of the industry.

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