What Is Tyvek Pouch

Tyvek Sterilization Reels and Pouches

Product characteristics:

1、Special properties of Tyvek permits separating from paper with no shatters and dust

2、The special tyvek material can adequately inhibit bacteria for up to 5 years

3、Tyvek's superior tear resistance makes it a good protection against the bag burst

4、Using environmentally friendly water-soluble glue

Sterilization method: Gamma sterilization、EO(ethylene oxide) sterilization and plasma sterilization

Application:Suitable for high quality requirements and the use of high-risk medical products, such as heavy or implantable medical devices, intraocular lens, orthopedic repair equipment, sutures, surgical bags, infusion pumps, catheters and other disposable medical equipment packaging.

Medical Packaging Tyvek 1073B

1073B is the thickest medical packaging material, suitable for three-dimensional, prominent shape, with sharp corners or heavy quality medical equipment packaging. It is also an ideal medical packaging material for implants. Its superior performance to meet a variety of products on the packaging requirements of strict medical equipment.

Medical Packaging Tyvek 1059B

1059B is a thinner medical packaging material, its excellent protective properties can be used for a variety of requirements of medical equipment packaging. Is the ideal medical packaging material for smaller medical devices (such as syringes) and rounded corner medical devices.

2FS is the lightest of a medical packaging material, is the anti-piercing, poking the ideal choice for medical packaging materials, more practical for FFS such as forming, filling, sealing and other automatic packaging line of medical packaging.

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