Medical Sterilization Pouches and Medical Wrapping Paper

Medical sterilization bags description:

1、Medical adhesive dialysis Paper

2、Transparent multi-layer copolymer film which produced by our industry

3、Clean and accurate indicator color change

4、Triple band seal for higher package integrity which effectively avoiding crack

5、Peel-easy film permits film separate from paper with no shatters

Sterilization method: Steam sterilization、EO(ethylene oxide) sterilization

Product characteristics:

1、Triple band seal and peel-easy with no shatters

2、Against germs and bacteria effectively

3、Apply to steam sterilization and EO sterilization

4、Water-soluble and non-toxic ink

Application :dentistry, operating room, laboratory’s equipments sterile packaging.


1、Select the appropriate package, in case to cause the bag burst.

2、Select the appropriate sterilization method. This package is not suitable for radiation sterilization.

3、Turn to Black from Blue under steam sterilization;Turn to Yellow from Pink under EO sterilization

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