Tyvek Medical Paper Features

Tyvek known as "Tearless," is a trademark of DuPont's range of sheet products. It is a spunbonded Olefin made from a myriad of fine, highly-polyethylene fibers. The unique spun-spinning technology produces lightweight, extremely tough materials. It is advantages include:

1. Thin, light weight, not easily deformed, soft and smooth, lightweight and tough, excellent opacity, combined with the characteristics of paper, cloth and film; anti-moisture, anti-water stains, no adhesive.

2. Waterproof breathable bacteria, -73 degrees can still maintain flexibility and high strength; 118 degrees began to shrink; 135 degrees began to melt. Fold-resistance (tolerance of over 20,000 folds), flexibility of the collection cloth (weight is a fraction of the cloth), smoothness of the film, appearance of the paper (half of the weight paper) in one property.

3. Good biocompatibility, peeling without dust, high added value, high tear packaging strength, high break-resistant packaging, high sealing force, high resistance bacteria duration (more than 5 years), high permeability (reducing extreme temperature condensation water the production of is more secure. Therefore, applied to medical packaging, it is recognized as the best medical packaging material (currently the best medical packaging in dialysis materials). Suitable for packaging of Class II and Class III medical devices.

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