National Standard Requirements for BD Test Packages

a) Produce method of BD test pack: BD test packs are folded from 100% defatted cotton cloth or 100% cotton surgical towel to grow 30cm±2cm, width 25cm±2cm, height 25cm-28cm. The BD test paper is placed in the middle of the above-mentioned cloth bag; the weight requirement of the manufactured BD test bag is 4 kg±2 kg, or the BD test bag is used once or repeatedly.

b) BD test method: preheat the sterilizer before testing, place the BD test package horizontally in front of the bottom layer of the sterilizer in the sterilizer, near the front of the cabinet door and the exhaust port. Any item time does not exceed 3.5 minutes at 134 degrees, remove the test pack, observe the color change of the BD test paper.

c) Judgment of results: BD test paper is uniformly and uniformly discolored, indicating that the BD test passes and the sterilizer can be used; discoloration inequality indicates that the BD test has failed and BD test can be repeated. Qualified, the sterilizer can be used. Unqualified, required check the cause of the BD test failure until the sterilizer can be used after the BD test passes.

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