Medical Sterilization Indicator Tapes

The medical sterilization indicator tape is sterilization products, and the color of the indicator ink on the adhesive tape changes after sterilization, so as to determine whether the articles have been disinfected and the intuitive and convenient sterilization status of the reaction articles.

The sterilization methods include: EO sterilizationsteam sterilization, and plasma sterilization.

 Ethylene Oxide Sterilization Indicator Tape it’s used to mark the sterilization bag has been treated with EO sterilization. Cut the appropriate length of tape on the package (or place the indicator card together with the article), and then place it in an ethylene oxide sterilization chamber with an ethylene oxide concentration of 600±50 ml/l. 50 °C, humidity 65% ~ 80%, 3 hours sterilized, then the rubber will change from red to green, indicating that the article was sterilized.

 Autoclave Indicator Tape, adapted to pressure steam sterilization instructions. Cut the appropriate length of indication tape and paste it on the package to be sterilized, place it in a steam extraction autoclave at 121°C for 20 minutes, or place it in a pre-vacuum pressure steam sterilizer at 132°C~134°C for 4~6 minutes. Observe that the indicator on the tape changes from yellow to black, indicating that the sterilization process is complete.

  The Plasma Sterilization Indicator Tape is adapted for plasma sterilization and indicates whether the sterilization package has been sterilized by plasma. Take the indicator card between the devices to be sterilized, wrapped with gauze, and then placed in a 45 °C ~ 55 °C low temperature plasma sterilizer for 25 minutes, indicate the indication of the color of the tape marker from grass green to beige or yellow, it can be determined that the sterilization package has been sterilized

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