Selection of Medical Packaging Materials

Medical packaging should choose suitable packaging materials and packaging methods. In addition to the sterilization method, the packaging method must also consider the sterilization items. A lot of research has been conducted on this, and there are many kinds of medical packaging materials on the market.

To understand sterilization methods and packaging requirements can help us make the right decisions when choosing packaging materials. Only designed specifically for sterilization and approved for use by FDA approved packaging materials. For example, Anqing Kangmingna Packaging Co., Ltd has obtained FDA certification in 2017. And the products include sterilization reel, steam tape, sterilization packaging, tyvek pouch etc. In addition to another sterilization methods, there are following basic requirements:

Steam sterilization packaging material must be with stand the high temperature of 121 °C - 135 °C, air discharge, penetration of water vapor, and keep drying of packaging materials in contents;

Ethylene Oxide(EO) Sterilization Packaging materials must allow the penetration and discharge of EO gas (ventilation process);

Heat-sealing sterilization packaging materials must withstand high temperatures of 160°C-204°C within 2 – 3 hours without melting, burning or other reactions;

Plasma sterilization packaging materials must withstand extreme vacuum, do not absorb Sterilizer, do not affect the sterilization cycle, and not detrimental to the items to be sterilized.

In addition to choosing the right packaging materials, we should also understand how to properly use the packaging materials to achieve the purpose of sterilizing agent penetration, sterile barrier, and aseptic opening of packaging materials.

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