Common Sterilization Technology for Sterile Packaging

With the higher demand for food packaging and preservation of consumers, improving food packaging to extend the fresh food has become an important issue for many manufacturers. At present, sterile fresh packaging in the food industry in the country is most popular, its application is not limited to fruit juice and fruit juice drinks, but also used to package milk, mineral water and wine. Common sterilization techniques include:

1, ultra-high temperature instantaneous sterilization technology

Ultra-high temperature instantaneous sterilization is the food in an instant heating to high temperature to achieve sterilization purposes. UHT method of sterilization temperature of 135 ℃ -145 ℃, just 3 seconds -5 seconds can be completely killed microbial spores. Ultra-high temperature instantaneous sterilization method is divided into direct heating UHT and indirect heating UHT method.

2, pasteurization technology

Pasteurization technology is to fill the food and sealed in the packaging container, in a certain time to keep the temperature below 100 ℃, kill the bacteria in the packaging container. Pasteurization can kill most pathogens, and for non-pathogenic spoilage of spoilage and the ability to kill is not enough, if the pasteurization and other storage means combined to achieve a certain shelf life requirements.

3, ohmic sterilization technology

Ohm sterilization is through the electrode current directly into the liquid containing the particles, the use of the dielectric properties of food itself, so that electrical energy into heat and heating food.

4, resistive heating UHT sterilization method

Resistive heating UHT sterilization is based on the fact that most of the formulated food contains free dissolved salt ions and has good conductivity. According to Ohm's law, the current can be heated by a continuous flow of material through a heated range of Food conductivity uniformity and food in the electric heater in the residence time of a direct heating of ultra-high temperature sterilization system.

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