KMNPack Story

KMNPack’s story dates back thirty years ago, to a time 1986, when Mr. Qicheng Long started food packaging manufacture. In 2002, Mr. Long diversify the already well established business portfolio in the food and consumables medical packaging market. At that time, Mr. Long gave his food packaging manufacturer a new name is Anqing Weiruima trading Co., Ltd and Anqing Kangmingna Packaging Co, Ltd (KMNPack) as the name of new medical packaging manufacture. Construction commenced and the current factory location in Anqing, Anhui opened in 2005. With an optimal facility in operation, the business adopted a strategy to now become one of leader in medical packaging industry in China by expanding and improving manufacturing capabilities and technologies.

Today, KMNPack is the nation’s second largest and one of the fastest growing manufacture of medical packaging products in China. With this rapid growth, we have strengthened our focus on innovation, and we now have more than 40 patents in China. In addition, we have strong network of production and distribution facilities with particular emphasis on logistics, manufacturing, packaging, inspection, engineering, quality assurance and product development that guarantees global presence in cooperation with our business partners from more 50 countries. KMNPack strictly follows national and European production standards. We now has a 100,000 grade clean workshop and passed the certification of ISO9001, ISO11607, ISO, FDA, CE and QS systems.

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