N95 Mask N95 Mask N95 Mask N95 Mask
Name:N95 Mask

Product Description

N95 Mask can effectively filter germs and purify the abnormal odor inhaled. Prevent droplets infection caused by spatter on the victim's body fluids or blood.

Application: for areas with large number of people, air turbidity and stagnant circulation, professional medical N95 mask is recommended for areas with high incidence of influenza or diseases.


1. Ergonomic design, 3D style, strong fit

2. Add soft inner, inner skin-friendly soft non-woven cloth, low sensitivity without stimulation

3. Elastic cotton ear band makes it more comfortable to wear without pulling the ear

4. Adjustable bridge of the nose for a better face fit and stronger

5. Fine lock edge does not run cotton, prevent dust into, more comfortable to wear

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