Wrapping Material Non Woven Fabric Wrapping Material Non Woven Fabric Wrapping Material Non Woven Fabric
Name:Wrapping Material Non Woven Fabric

Product Description

 - The meltblown layer consists of continuous microfibers with good barrier properties against moisture, bacteria, microorganisms, dust, etc.
- It can allow steam and sterilizing agent to enter the bag to the maximum extent, and can thoroughly analyze the residue such as ethylene oxide;
- Antibacterial and anti-chemical agents: have good acid and alkali resistance, and polypropylene is a chemically blunt substance;
- Better softness, lower memory and convenience;
- One-time use, no multi-use breakage consumption, no need to recycle, clean; meet environmental requirements, easy to degrade or incinerate;
- Economical and reliable: Eliminate the disinfection, washing and drying of hospital cotton, which is lower than the cost of cotton.
- Prevent cross-infection, reduce hidden costs of treatment, and increase infection control rates;
- Effective period: (double layer bacterial filtration effect) up to 96%, stored under acceptable conditions




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